At Duchâteau europe, we try to be as eco-responsible as possible in order to reduce our ecological footprint.

And this, through different actions:

Promote slow flowers

Flowers are grown with passion locally, in our territories, respecting nature and the seasons. They have not traveled the planet to decorate our homes, nor have they been covered with pesticides or picked by workers in indecent conditions.

Only 15% of our purchases are made from suppliers located in Holland, France and Italy.

Even if our business does not allow us to use exclusively paper packaging (less resistant to humidity and water), we favor it and refer the client to it.

Reduce plastic packaging as much as possible
Working with growers who use biological control

This method of cultivation biologically controls pests such as crop pests, diseases, or weeds by means of antagonistic living organisms, such as ladybugs.

Use preservative cards for the longevity of the bouquet, replacing powder packets
Sort our green waste, plastics and cardboard

The best waste is the one that does not exist. It’s hard to reach this goal. But we can at least try to reduce the amount and sort as best we can to make recycling happen.
It’s in all our interests.