Alocasia (Alocasia Polly)

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In a closed environment, this beautiful plant is a devourer of various pollutants, with a preference for formaldehyde. The latter is a colorless gas, but you can smell it. It is found in many common products, from cosmetic adhesives to wood-derived products, in ink, tobacco smoke, insulating foam, building materials, household cleaners, paper, pesticides, resins, textiles, varnish, flooring adhesives, etc. Maintenance : water a lot in summer and a little less in winter. This plant likes light, but not direct sunlight.

Enjoy the soft colors of our pretty Camille bouquet. It mixes rose, statice, limonium and carnation in a green setting. The Camille bouquet is delicate, tender and feminine. Composed of delicate flowers in pastel tones, the Camille bouquet is a harmonious decorative element full of sweet feelings. Offering the Camille floral arrangement to a loved one is to share with him or her your attachment, your gratitude and your unconditional love.

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