Keep your bouquet longer

1. Transporting your bouquet in the best conditions

  • Keep the stems moist.
  • Avoid extreme conditions such as in a car or in direct sunlight.

2. Choose a suitable vase

  • Proportional to the bouquet.
  • Clean it before use.

3. Prepare your flowers for vase

  • Cut the base of the stems by two centimeters to facilitate water absorption.
  • Remove the bottom leaves, which may get soaked in the water in the vase.
  • Loosen the bouquet: we release them to let them breathe in the vase and avoid mold.
  • Fill your vase with clean water.

4. Find the perfect spot

  • Place it in the light at the edge of a window, avoiding excess light.
  • Keep it at room temperature: avoid excessive temperature differences.
  • Keep it away from the fruit basket: the ethylene gas emitted by the fruit is harmful to the cut flowers.
  • Beware of drafts: flowers are very fragile and sensitive to climatic conditions.

5. Maintain your bouquet

  • Keep the water clean.
  • Recut the stems.

6. Dry your bouquet

  • Hang it upside down in a dry, dark place.
  • Wait a few days or even weeks for the flowers to empty themselves of all their moisture.
  • Beware, not all the flowers in the bouquet can be dried.